Cooking with Denay is back

It's about 10:03 pm EST and Thanksgiving is over. The Thanksgiving holiday and I have a love - hate relationship. I love to cook those comforting, downhome foods, turkey, dressing, something green, candied yams, and the rest, ending with a lusious bread pudding with bourbon sauce; but I loathe the feeling I get from eating all that heavy food.

Something has to change and 2014 is the year I am going to redefine how I cook. I am going to document this journey using this blog. You see, I am an old fashion down home cook who is ready to get healthy. I also want to simplify my food pantry, eat more fresh foods, juice, something I did some years ago with startling results. I stopped, self-sabotaged, and went back to my old ways. It was horrible and I feel horrible.

I now realize that you can eat good and eat healthy, it is a conscious choice; and I choose good food, good flavor and healthy choices. Is it possible?

It's now time to start Cooking with Denay the healthy way!

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